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How many machines can I install the program on?

The code can be installed on all machines in a single research lab or division of a company. The code can also be installed on a parallel cluster with access restricted to members of the licensed research lab or company division.

Can I take FEAP and embedded it within my software and redistributed it?

The FEAP license restricts the use of the code to a single site. It may not be redistributed in any form beyond the designated site.

Can I pay by credit card?

At present payment is only accepted by check or wire transfer. We are in the process of setting up a credit card system but it is presently not available.

Is service provided with the license?

No. However, we do endeavor to fix bugs that are brought to our attention. Also we do monitor the FEAP User Forum and try to help users, if we have the time.

Are there yearly fees?

No. When you obtain a license to FEAP you obtain a perpetual license to the version of the code that is available at that moment, including bug fixes that we may make over time.

How much does it cost to upgrade to a newer version of FEAP?

If you are making a single version upgrade, say version 8.4 to 8.5, then you will receive a 66% discount. If you are making a two version upgrade, say version 8.3 to 8.5, then you will receive a 33% discount. If you are more than two versions behind, you will pay the price for a new license.

What happens when a new version is released, when I have just purchased a license?

If a new version is released within 1 year of your original license, then you will be provided with a gratis upgrade.

Is there an educational discount?

Yes. Degree granting institutions receive a 50% discount.

Do governmental agencies or governmental laboratories receive a discount?


Can I get a trial version?

No, but you can get an idea about what FEAP is like by downloading the free program FEAPpv. FEAPpv has much of the same structure as FEAP but is limited in terms of its capabilities compared to FEAP.

Do I need separate licenses for Windows and Linux/Unix systems?

No. A single license allows you to compile the code in either environment.

What compilers do I need?

FEAP compiles with the GNU Compiler Compilation (gcc + gfortran, version 5 or higher) as well as the Intel compilers in unix-like environments. On Windows we have only tested it with the Intel compilers in conjunction with Visual Studio.