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The currently distributed version of FEAP is version 8.6.

The full source for FEAP and the manual files are distributed electronically via download at a charge of $1800.00US. From an existing license a single version upgrade is available at a 66% discount and a two version upgrade is available at a 33% discount. Educational (degree granting) institutions receive an additional 50% discount. The license agreement comes into force upon ordering and paying for the license. Full payment is required prior to shipment.

A sample license can be viewed here: Sample License

If you are interested in obtaining a copy please supply the following information to FEAP Admin

    1. Full name and title of licensee.
    2. Full address of organization or person responsible for
       administering agreement.  (Company, department or unit name
       and an address sufficient for postal delivery).
    3. Telephone number (and FAX number if available).
    4. E-mail address.

We will then prepare a license agreement for you along with an invoice, and letter that describes methods for payment (e.g., bank numbers), etc.

If you require any additional information please send e-mail to FEAP Admin. Please also see the License FAQ.